Frequently Asked Questions

What is Highly Casual?

So glad you asked! It’s a delicious super-sippable seltzer infused with top shelf Michigan grown cannabis. There are 4 unique flavors that come in 3 different dosages to fit your mood – we’ve got something for everyone.

I’m new to cannabis. How much is 2mg?

We welcome you with open arms. 2mg is considered a micro dose of THC – a sessionable seltzer that won’t get most folks “high” unless you drink more than 2 or 3. We recommend first-timers start with one and go from there. Remember, you can always drink more but you can never drink less.

More frequent users will probably enjoy the 5mg High Five’s or our 10mg Hang Ten’s to get where they want to be. Enjoy at your own pace and see how you feel after your first can!

What can I expect to feel?

In short – AMAZING – expect these to lift your spirits quicker than traditional edibles. We always recommend starting low and slow, especially if you are new to cannabis or edibles in general. Newer folks can start with our 2mg cans, which shouldn’t effect you too much. You can always take more, but never less 🙂

Friends who are familiar to cannabis use might want to start with our 5mg High Fives, or our 10mg Hang Ten dosages which will get you a little more lifted. The choice is yours and yours alone!

Is there booze in this?

Never. Our seltzer is alcohol free and hangover free.

What is nano-emulsified cannabis?

Basically our state of the art process that blends cannabis molecules with water to give you a smooth tasting seltzer that makes you feel really good. Very scientific stuff.

It also helps you absorb the THC quicker than your average gummies or chocolates. It’s fast-acting and fun-loving.

Is there CBD inside?

The only Highly Casual that has CBD inside is our 5mg High Five’s. They are balanced perfectly with a 1:1 THC/CBD ratio and will give you a level headed high.

What happens if I drink 2? 3? 4?

Well, that really depends. Now that we’ve added a few different dosage options, here is a quick (and hopefully helpful) guide on enjoying your Highly Casual journey.

2mg cans = slow sippers, will only slightly affect most people with a warm, mellow buzz that is super light and enjoyable. Most people enjoy a few cans at a time.

5mg High Five’s = a slightly higher dose, with a 1:1 ratio of THC/CBD. Our High Fives are perfectly balanced and will take you just a little higher.

10mg Hang Ten’s = our highest dose, and only available in our newest Honeycrisp Apple flavor. A few of these should get the more seasoned smokers where they need to be, so low and slow is definitely the move.

Is it possible to drink too many?

Not really! If you feel like you’ve had one too many, we suggest that you find a comfortable spot to sit, grab a delicious snack, and a big glass of water. Throw on your favorite movie or show and just try to relax! You’ll be back on your feet in no time. We encourage everyone to keep it casual and always enjoy responsibly.

Will this give me a hangover?

Not a chance. Enjoy Highly Casual guilt-free and at your own leisure. There is no alcohol or any other additives in our seltzer.

We know you have things to do tomorrow.

Any plans for a higher dose?

Great question! We currently offer 2mg, 5mg, and 10mg. We think that’s a pretty solid variety, but we’re always listening to customer feedback. Let us know if you’d like to see a higher dose!

What makes Highly Casual so special?

Other than it’s delicious taste, immaculate vibe and witty copy writing, we take great pride in our process and how our seltzer is made. It’s crafted in Mount Clemens, MI by Emerald Canning Partners – a joint venture between Blake’s Hard Cider and Pleasantrees – and together we bring decades of experience to the infused beverage world. Oh and did we mention that it’s gluten free? Because it is.

Where can I buy it?

Check our store locator HERE. If you have a favorite dispensary that does not carry Highly Casual, tell them to get in touch with us! If you are a store looking to stock Highly Casual, please contact us.

Any plans for other drinks?

We have big plans for Highly Casual. 2024 is going to be a really exciting year. What flavors or drinks should we make next?

What is the Highly Casual Hotline?

Give us a call and see for yourself. (586) 206-0465. Standard data and messaging rates apply. If you’re lucky, someone might just pick up and gift you a free 4-pack.